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Round Trip

Complete door-to-door experience, supervised by our team. Your car is picked up, serviced, and delivered back to you. Covers any service that can be done within a few hours.

  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Brake inspection and repair
  • Tire installation and rotation
  • Recalls & pre-purchase inspections
  • Auto spa detailing & gas top off
  • Battery swap & AC recharge
  • Check engine diagnostics
  • Emission Testing

One Way

Trips where you only need your car to be moved from one place to another. Ideal for services that take more than a few hours: our concierge drops off the car and can return for it later.

  • Car delivery to a dealer
  • Swap your car for a loaner
  • Deliver dealer’s car for test drives
  • Drive your car home after a night out
  • All scheduled service drop-offs
  • Post-repair car deliveries
  • Body shop drop-offs
  • Rental car returns

Fixed Price

We’ve teamed up with highly rated local businesses for priority, best quality and price on a few popular services. Pickup, service, and return - regardless of traffic, your location or our wait times - for one fixed price.


  • We locate the best price on gas near-by
  • Squeegee sponge window and mirror wash
  • Tire pressure check and fill, if needed
  • You select the type of gas
  • Cost of fuel is not included



  • Soft cloth exterior wash
  • All carpets, seats, and trunk vacuumed
  • Interior, dash and console wiped down
  • Glass cleaned inside and out
  • Tire dressing and towel dry are included



  • With no EPA facilities left in Chicago as of 2017, we bring your car to one in the nearest suburb
  • Shall the car fail the test – we can take it for diagnostics and a repair to your or our vetted partner shop



  • Oil & filter change
  • All fluids checks and top-offs
  • Tires, belts, air system inspection
  • Lights and wiper blades check
  • Inform on maintenance



  • Specially formulated oil for the highest performance
  • Best protection against heat, deposits, and wear
  • Same comprehensive checks as with Conventional Oil change



  • Inspection of fluids, body, belts, brakes, cooling system, suspension, HVAC, tires.
  • Check engine errors scan
  • Test drive evaluation
  • We provide you with a report



  • All carpets, mats, and seats shampooed
  • Vents, cracks, and crevices are thoroughly detailed
  • Leather cleaned & treated
  • Tires dressed, Exterior waxed
  • Interior ONLY: -$60, SUV: +$20



  • All services of a Synthetic Oil package, PLUS:
  • Deluxe Wash
  • Tire rotation and balancing
  • Multi-Point Inspection
  • Battery & charging system test


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