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We schedule the maintenance and pick up your car. We keep you updated throughout the whole process until the car is returned
You only pay only once the work is done. Our FIXED PRICES include it all: priority scheduling, all labor costs, fees, and even taxes


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We’ve teamed up with highly rated local businesses for priority, best quality and price on a few popular services. Pickup, service, and return - regardless of traffic, your location or our wait times - for one fixed price.


  • Describe a problem in a comment box below
  • Email us the photos + VIN for any body work
  • We will run our estimates and tell you how much it would be to repair
  • No obligation at all



  • We locate the best price on gas near-by and fill up the car for you
  • Tire pressure check
  • You select the type of gas
  • Cost of fuel is not included



  • Soft cloth exterior wash
  • All carpets, seats, and trunk vacuumed
  • Interior, dash and console wiped down
  • Tire dressing and towel dry are included

$35 Regular sedan | $40 SUV, Van, Luxury sedans


  • With no EPA facilities left in Chicago, we bring your car to one in the nearest suburb
  • Shall the car fail the test – we can take it for diagnostics and repair at the shop



  • Is your tire leaking air?
  • We will take the car to patch or reseal it
  • If non-reparable, we can find an identical new or used one on a spot
  • Installation and re-balancing is included



  • Car acting up? Maintenance light on? Anything else?
  • We take your car for check-up to diagnose the problem
  • We’ll update you on the issue and send an estimate
  • If you agree on the repair – $30 goes towards its cost.



  • Headlight bulb went out?
  • Need to replace a battery, air, or cabin filter?
  • We’ll swap any part that is under an hour to replace
  • Cost of the parts is not included



  • Need to take your vehicle for service or recall?
  • Have no time to spend hours at the dealership?
  • We’ll take your car for service anywhere within 10 miles from the Loop
  • Covers a trip to and from the dealership



  • Multi-point inspection of fluids, body, belts, brakes, cooling system, suspension, HVAC, tires.
  • Check engine errors scan
  • Test drive evaluation
  • We provide you with a full report



  • Oxidized, yellow, cloudy headlights?
  • We will refinish aged headlight lenses that have become discolored or dull
  • Buff, polish, and apply a sealant will improve the look, visibility and safety
  • Restores to about 85% of the “like new” condition



  • Synthetic Oil & Filter change
  • Newer, Higher-end vehicles will need Premium Mobile 1 oil (+ $30)
  • All fluids checks and top-offs
  • Lights, tires, and wiper blades inspection
  • Up to 5 QTs for most cars

$110 Synthetic | $140 High Performance


  • Cost of labor for any work performed, scheduling, priority service and logistics are included
  • All kinds of repairs and installations
  • Does not include the cost of parts



  • TPMS light is on even when the tires seem fine?
  • We will take your car for full tire system inspection
  • Perform both visual and electronic diagnostics
  • We will replace a failing Tire-Pressure Monitoring Sensor



  • Drifting in one direction?
  • Often a result of hitting a pothole or a curb
  • Suggested once a year or when you are getting new tires installed
  • We’ll perform the alignment for 1/2 of the dealers’ price and provide you a report



  • All carpets, mats, and seats vacuumed and shampooed
  • Vents, cracks, crevices and headliner are thoroughly detailed
  • Leather scrubbed, cleaned & treated
  • Exterior wash and tire dressing are included

$160 S | $185 M+L | $210 XL


  • Thoroughly BUFF the outside, POLISH, and apply few layers of WAX
  • Remove all minor surface scratches and swirl marks
  • Restores the shine and protect the paint
  • Hand Interior wash and tire dressing are included

$160 S | $185 M+L | $210 XL


  • Squeaking or grinding noises? We’ll inspect your brakes, rotors and tires
  • We’ll replace your brake pads for one fixed price. Same day service
  • Parts, labor, fees, taxes, and logistics included
  • Per axle. Covers 95% of cars



  • Complete: Interior Detail & Exterior Buff and Wax
  • All carpets, mats, and seats shampooed, stains removed
  • Vents, cracks, and crevices are thoroughly detailed
  • Leather scrubbed & treated
  • Full engine cleaning ($60 value) is included

$260 S | $285 M+L | $310 XL


  • Full Recommended Maintenance service
  • Synthetic Oil package, PLUS:
  • Cabin and Air Filters replacement
  • Multi-Point Inspection
  • Tire rotation and balancing
  • Deluxe Wash



  • Squealing and grinding with vibration and wobbling?
  • We will inspect and replace your brake pads AND rotors, for one fixed price
  • Parts, labor, fees, taxes, and logistics included
  • Per axle. Covers 95% of cars


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